About Us:

Our Values:

We have a value that is directly related to the individual's right to be heard and understood. Our Standard of business is one that is ethically sound and transparent. We desire to provide our clients with a therapy that matches the individual not the process. To this point, we value time in professional studies allowing us to stay relevant with evidenced-based practices.

Why Family Revelations?

We are a perfect balance of professionalism and support. A practice that is big enough to address the needs of the individual and the family. We think in the context of the current condition as well as the potential future when working with our clients. We offer that familiar feeling that fosters connection. Put simply, “You matter!”

What can you expect?

Expect to be heard. Expect ease of transition to your first appointment. Expect to be known and greeted in a manner that represents our value of you. Expect clear communication.

We Provide:

Most of our counseling sessions are done at one of our two locations. In some circumstances, we offer Online Counseling.


Frequently Asked Questions: