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    Will You be our next Counselor?

    There is a reason you have come to this page. (Employment) Yes… and a possibility of joining something both fulfilling and financially rewarding, of course. So, let me first say “Thank You” for considering us as a possible employer. We want you to be aware of how much we value everyone that joins our group. We value culture, the individual’s uniqueness, and good old fashioned kindness. We appreciate the long road to achieving a master’s degree, and we appreciate all the work you have been a part of since. During the hiring phase, all this will be considered. We hire pre-licensed and post-licensed. We do require that your Master’s degree is complete, and that you have chosen a preferred therapy focus.

    So, fill out the fields below and upload your resume. We will then call you upon receiving your resume and set up our first of three interviews.

    1st Interview

    Get to know you as a person. We want to know about your goals, your views on theories, your work experience, and about your areas of special interest.

    2nd Interview

    We want to talk about our group culture, about where you might fit in. We want to talk about our goals, our company philosophy, and our company systems.

    3rd Interview

    We want you to spend time with our employees. We want you to have time to ask them questions or just get to know them and them you. Our goal is to foster a way for you to make the best decision for yourself and for us.

    Once this process is complete, our group will get together and make a decision. Either way, you will receive an email notification informing you or our decision. Each interview invite is a sign that you are looking like a higher hire potential.