Bernie J Menge MA, LMFT

Hello, I am Bernie J. Menge. I am a qualified Family Counselor who graduated from Northwestern College and the Adler Graduate School. I have certifications in Parent Coaching, Prepare and Enrich and TF-CBT.

My personal and professional experience has taken me to various nations of the world, training and it has equipped me to serve you equitably. I have been married for 26 years and am a proud father of six boys.

Some of the areas where I can give my professional support are listed below:

Shifts in family structure related to: Divorce, Remarriage, Child Protection involvement, Foster Care, Custody, Grandparent taking on a grandchild.

Traumatic events: Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Assault, Neglect, Catastrophe, Abandonment, Terrifying Experience, Medical Trauma, Grief & Loss.

Child & Teen symptoms: Aggression, Defiance, Tantrums, Sibling Conflict, Depression, Anxiety, Withdrawing, Self Esteem Issues, Suicidal Issues, and Relationship Issues.

Family Symptoms: Stuck, Feeling Lost, Disjointed, Arguing, Communication Issues.

My experience working with parents over the past several years involved issues surrounding the need for encouragement and support. I have the right support system to help you bounce back in strength and vigor.