Has time brought you to a place of frustration? If your looking for the next step beyond ADHD medication, you are not alone. The unknowns related to ADHD can leave us wondering if we need more time or another approach. Sometimes, whether as a teen or an adult, were just not sure our expectations are realistic. Questions like: Should I find another therapist or treatment? “May Pop Up”

Here are some things we can help you with.

Medication adjustment for ADHD

We are not prescribers; however, we assist in coordinating conversations with Doctors, Teachers, and Parents providing direct feedback related to the impact of the ADHD medications.

Holistic Approach for ADHD.

A snapshot just won’t due. Variables like dual diagnosis, lifestyle, school dynamics, social context, and life stage are variables we consider with each client.

Available Resources

Achievement of therapy goals are often in need of additional resources. In home skills work, education meetings, county assistance, support groups, Pod casts are some resources we help our clients become aware of.

My Next Steps

  1. We determine if the client has had a Neuro Psych confirming the ADHD diagnosis. Because ADHD is a Neurological issue of function, our ADHD certified therapists recommends the appropriate testing for each client. Primary Care physicians may diagnose for ADHD, however, a Nero Psych is a comprehensive evaluation method offering a far greater diagnostic evaluation accurately diagnosing AHD. In addition, should there be other hidden issues, Neuro Psychs offer the best chance of identifying other diagnosis or cognitive issues that need to be addressed as well.
  2. We implement a treatment plan that spans three domains of the client’s life. Clear markers are established with appropriate goal setting helping everyone involved gain a sense of direction and predictability.
    • Home
    • School
    • Community
    • Interpersonal
  3. Follow up, coordination, revaluation, and continue, is the process. With AHD there is not shortcuts. There is pace and structure with our treatment setting.